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Uneven floors - repair works 2014-04-25


Check out another blog post where you can find some basic information on how to properly start the repair of the uneven surface of the floor. You will find more info by going here: uneven floor repair works.

Wooden floors re-oiling 2014-04-03

Our company provide fully professional and reliable wooden floors re-oiling services - fully personalised and performed by the best specialists in both wooden flooring and maintenance works. If you'd like more info on reoiling hardwood and softwood floors - see the following article:reoiling hardwood floors

Hardwood floor reoiling

Wooden floor heating 2014-03-21

By following the link below you can read some interesting info on having wooden floor heating option. Several important issues are discussed which may be important if you're thinking on having your own wooden floor underfloor heating. More info here: wooden floor heating.

Wooden floor heating

Professional recoating services 2014-03-07

Recoating hardwood floorsOur company provide professional, effective and highest quality recoating and buffing services for residential and commercial places. See the details here: hardwwod floor recoating.

Professional care for sports floors 2014-03-03

Sports floor careIn this blog post we list some of the major works needed to make your sport floor look and feel great for a long time. You will find more info at sport floor care.

Squeaky floor repairs 2014-02-21

Sueaking wooden floorsIn the following entry you will find several ideas of how to properly care for squeaking wooden floors. Follow the link to get more info: squeaky floor repairs.

Cladding oak stairs 2014-02-14

Stairs after claddingSee some pictures from our recent project of cladding oak stairs near Bristol. Get more info here: cladding oak stairs.

Renovation of village hall in Butcombe 2014-02-13

Village hall in ButcombeSee some of the details about renovation of village hall in Butcombe near Bristol. The project included: dismantling and removing old wooden floor, fitting parquet floors of Herringbone pattern, applying latex floor levelling compounds, sanding, polishing, applying damp proof membrane and many others. See the details here: renovation of village hall floor.

Wooden floor dont's 2014-02-06

Victorian Pine floorboards after renovationIn this piece of news we would like to inform you about the things you should not do to your wooden floor. Follow the link to get more info: wooden floor dont's.

Fitting bamboo floor in toilet 2014-01-29

See some of the pictures from our recent floor fitting project near Bristol. Rather than fitting and installing oak floors this time we dealt with bamboo planks. More details here: fitting bamboo floor.Fitting bamboo floor in toilet

Broadway Lodge parquet renovation 2014-01-27

Broadway Lodge parquet renovation

See the link below for a few pictures showing the renovation of an old parquet flooring in Broadway Lodge in Weston Super Mare. You can also see the detailed works which we have provided. More info here: Broadway Lodge parquet renovation.

Engineered wood supplies 2014-01-20

Supply and fit engineered oak flooringOur company provide the widest range of engineered floor supplies (we possess laminate veneers, oriented strand boards, laminate timber, plywood and lots of others. See engineered wood types for more info.

Church floor restoration 2014-01-17

Church floor restorationSee some of the phosots of the church floor restoration project in Bristol. The photos have been taken by our team of floor fitters. See more details here: church floor restoration.

Floor fitting in Bristol 2014-01-15

Floor sanding in BristolTake a while to get accustomed to our floor sanding services in Bristol. Our fitterns and engineers deal with commercial and domestic sanding including also schools, colleges and many other. Details here: sanding in Bristol

Oak floor supplies for schools, colleges and churches 2014-01-08

Sport hall floor replacementOur company provide the best supplies of hardwood, softwood, engineered and lots of other types of wooden floors for commercial spaces. All colours, patterns and hardness available. See more details here: oak floor supplies.

Church floor renovation 2014-01-07

Church floor renovationBelow you can see some of the photos and details of the renovation works for churches and chapels within Bristol. More information available here: church floor restoration.

Floor staining for sports floors 2014-01-03

Wooden floor stainingCheck out our range of available Morrels stains providing the best protective layer for all sorts of wooden surfaces. You can read more on our staining products here: sport floor staining.

Staircase and stairs flooring 2014-01-02

Wooden stairs flooring

Our company realise full and comprehensive projects of flooring wooden staircases and stairs for houses, shops, companies, churches and many other places. See more here: staircase and stairs flooring.

Church floor sanding in Bristol 2013-12-31

Church floor sanding in BristolWe invite you to see the sanding works our team of engineers have provided some time ago in Bristol. You can see the details and more photos here: church floor sanding in Bristol.

Wood floor border installation 2013-12-30

Wooden floor bordersWe present to you the details of the border flooring works done for residential projects in the past. We invite you to wood floor borders for more info on how we work and for the prices we offer.

Commercial flooring renovation - our past works 2013-12-24

Commercial flooring services

Follow the link below to see some of the accomplished commercial floor renovation projects for churches, restaurants, companies, etc. More details and photos here: commercial flooring services.

St. George's Church renovation of oak panels 2013-12-23

St. George's oak panels sandingBelow you'll find several photos taken while we were doing the renovation of old oak floor in St. George's Church. Check out the rest of them here: sport floor sanding gallery.

Cotham sport floor sanding 2013-12-18

Cotham sport floor hall sandingCheck out the renovation and sanding works of Sport Floor Hall in Cotham after a fully comprehensive and professional flooring service including: refitting, sanding, coating, finishing and lines painting works. See more by going to sport floor sanding gallery.

Exeter gym renovation 2013-12-17

Exeter gym renovationBelow you can see the works we have provided for a gym floor in Exeter. The project included removal of old finishing, sanding, coating and covering the floor with a new finish. See more here: sport floor sanding gallery.

St. Mary's School - parquet sanding and renovation 2013-12-16

St. Mary's School parquet renovationCheck out some of the photos from the renovation project realised for St. Mary's School in Calne. The project included renovation of the floor with the removal of an old coat, fitting, sanding, new coat application and subsequent finishing. You can see the photos in sport floor sanding gallery.

Hedland School in Cardiff - floor renovation 2013-12-11

Hedland School in Cardiff making lines for basketball

Another professionally done renovation of the sports floor - this time in Hedland School in Cardiff. The works included refinishing, sanding, coating and painting lines. You can see the gallery of the works by going to sport floor sanding gallery.

Basketball sports floor refitting 2013-12-05

Basketball floor refitting

We are happy to offer you another of our great quality services for basketball floors - professional, detailed and thorough refitting works offered by our skilled and knowledgeable flooring contractors. See more details in the Basketball flooring Bristol section.

Fitzalan High School gym floor refinishing 2013-12-04

Fitzalan High School before renovation

We invite you to see the gallery of the refinishing works for the gym floor in Fitzalan High School. You can see the works done by our flooring contractors by going to

If you are interested in doing some renovation, repairs, refinishing, sanding, installation, or any other works for the sports floor in your school, high school, university, college, etc., you can rely on our knowledge, devotion to details and unmatched quality of services.

Sports floor sanding - gallery of works 2013-12-03


Cotham Sport Floor Hall coatingWe invite you to look through the gallery of sport floor sanding works we have already done. The works included sanding, installation, repairs, refitting, finishing, coating and many more. See the details here

Sports floor sanding & installation finished projects 2013-05-29

We invite all to browse through our gallery to see the exemplary works which we have already provided to clients who trusted us and our skills.

Gym floor sanding services 2013-05-10

Our company perform lots of complex and comprehensive gym floor sanding services for all sorts of gyms in Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, London, Birmingham and all smaller and bigger villages and towns within this region.

Sports floor sanding services 2013-04-05

We are pleased to inform you that we are ready to undertake every sports floor sanding project regardless of how complex it is. We have an extensive experience and rely on the skills of our professional sanders, engineers and fitters. See the list of our available services by moving to sports floor sanding Bristol section.


Basketball flooring Bristol service – professional installation / sanding / refurbishment / fitting service


Our company provide comprehensive and the highest quality basketball flooring Bristol services for all sorts of basketball sports floors. We possess in our ranks a team f highly experienced and knowledgeable fitters, engineers and installers who can provide a complete flooring service and fit the basketball court with the best quality hardwood flooring.

What do we provide for basketball floors?


  • full installation of new hardwood flooring of the best quality
  • refurbishment and sanding service for old basketball sports floors
  • refitting service provided by best refitters
  • and lots of others


How do our products stand out of the rest on the market?

We do our best to offer the most reliable and responsive sports floors which increase the level of experience. Our professional flooring is improved with an excellent anti-schocking technology which increases the absorption level under the contact.

Great adherence and great water resistance make our basketball flooring an excellent choice when deciding on a new and reliable sports flooring surface for gyms in schools, universities or in private clubs.

Our basketball floors are perfect for both amateur and professional players and competitions. We provide the warranty for all our sports flooring services including also sanding, refurbishment, renovation or refitting of old and used sports floors.

How do I start?

If you are interested in our basketball flooring Bristol services, please fill in our enquiry form and specify what do you need – our advisors and specialists will provide the best sports flooring solution for your basketball floor.

Our works are realised within the area of cities such as Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, London and Bath, yet if a sufficiently big offer comes we can offer our service within the whole UK region.